Protect your home’s investment and upgrade to Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation. No matter where you live, Nu Wool Insulation products work around the clock, all year long, for the life of your home.

Nu-Wool Cellulose Insulation is an energy saving cellulose insulation that eliminates the voids and air pockets common with other insulation materials. Nu Wool Cellulose Premium Insulation is backed by an industry-leading 3-year Energy Guarantee.

The reasons for choosing Nu Wool Insulation are clear:

Live in an Energy Efficient Home

Nu Wool Cellulose Insulation stands behind its products, and so do we. The secret of its energy efficiency stems from the insulation’s high R-values of 3.8 R per inch, which helps Nu-Wool insulated homes heat and cool more efficiently than traditional insulations. Instead of adjusting your thermostat to save money, add Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation to your home.

  • Helps reduce heating and cooling costs.

  • Resistant to humidity, wind, and outside temperature fluctuations.

  • Reduces the amount of heat escaping from your home.

  • Eliminates air voids commonly missed by fiberglass insulation.

Superior Soundproofing for Every Space

Enjoy a quieter and more peaceful environment with Nu-Wool Cellulose Insulation. The high density of the wet spray Nu Wool Insulation helps reduce air infiltration, create a tighter building envelope, and seal rooms from outside noise.

  • Scientifically Proven to reduce noise.

  • Targets and reduces noise transmission between various rooms.

  • Ideal for homes, hotels, apartments, businesses, office buildings, and other structures.

  • Customers experience a noticeable decrease in loud sounds, contributing to a quieter living or working space.

Enjoy the Smell of Fresh Air

Keep your home’s air quality free from airborne mold particles. Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation is one of the few mold-proof insulations made with a boron-based, EPA-registered fungicide.

  • EPA-registered fungicide adheres to the protocol under federal law.

  • Better choice than fiberglass insulation for managing moisture problems.

  • Absorbs and redistributes moisture to help a wall dry thoroughly and evenly.

Peace of mind with fire-resistant insulation.

In the case of a fire, Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation can be the difference needed to get you and your loved ones safely out of the house. Nu-Wool’s fire-resistant insulation helps reduce the spread of fires by restricting the oxygen in the walls and ceiling.

  • Treated for fire resistance.

  • Created with 100% borate-base fire retardants.

  • Designed to last the life of the structure.

  • Blocks flames and hot gases from spreading to different rooms.

  • Meets all federal, state, and local fire safety requirements.

Green Since 1949

Nu-Wool green energy insulation is the most environmentally sound choice for residential homes. With its low embodied energy, high recycled content and superior energy-saving performance, Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation is one of the GREENEST insulation products on the market.

  • Made from 86% recycled content. 65% of this consists of post-consumer recycled newspapers.

  • Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose saves an average of 39 trees for every home project.

  • It takes nearly 10 times less amount of energy to prepare compared to fiberglass insulation.

  • All excess sprayed insulation is reused in future projects, creating a no-product waste environment. Even the product bags are recycled after use.

  • Can be installed over existing insulation reducing the amount of waste.

  • UL Listed


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